Housing Study

The purpose of the Swift County Housing Study is to provide relevant demographic data, and primary data in order to identify opportunities to create additional housing opportunities within the County. This report aims to identify what types of housing are needed, and discuss available resources to help aid with the new housing program and initiatives. Greater Minnesota faces unique challenges that affect the quality and availability of housing. Just as different regions of Minnesota vary greatly by industry and demographics, housing markets across the state differ too. CEDA has conducted a careful analysis of the data in order to formulate future projections for Swift County. 


Swift County has undertaken a housing study to examine the communities housing needs. Throughout the study, CEDA has examined data, received input from the community, and researched opportunities to support housing projects within the community. The research concluded several key trends that were use to develop a final listing of recommendations. See those below: 

  1.  60-70 New Single Family Homes by 2028
  2. 45-50 New Multifamily Units by 2028
  3. Continued Rehabilitation of Owner Occupied Homes 
  4. Continued Rehabilitation of Renter Occupied Homes 
  5. Focus on Homeownership Affordability 
  6. Host a Countywide Home Improvement Show 

These recommendations are explained in detail in the Findings and Recommendations sections of the Housing Study: 

Find the full version here