Social Workers - Change in Exam/Applicaton Process - NEW

Looking for a great career opportunity? 

There are full-time Social Worker - Bachelor's vacancies throughout the 70 covered Minnesota Merit System Counties. 



  • determining eligibility for case management services,
  • arranging diagnostic assessments,
  • coordinating needed services for the child and child's family with other agencies,
  • administration of a functional assessment,
  • development and implementation of a case plan,
  • coordination of the case plan.


Maybe you've never considered the benefits of government (county) employment?  Minnesota Counties provide excellent benefits, including health insurance and general leave provisions. The jobs are challenging and diverse.


县 Agency Social Workers:

  • perform intermediate professional work coordinating and delivering services to clients using social work best practices,
  • conducting intake interviews,
  • providing needs assessments and referrals,
  • maintaining a client caseload,
  • providing immediate response to reports of imminent danger during and after work hours,
  • evaluating and assessing the success of services being provided,
  • recommending other services that may be beneficial,
  • related work as apparent or assigned.

此外, the jobs are extremely rewarding - public service pays its own dividends in job satisfaction!


Please take a moment to consider submitting your application for county human services jobs as the next step in your career, especially if you want meaningful and challenging work and want to make a difference and help improve the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. 


You only need to submit ONE application to the Minnesota Merit System, which is a personnel system for 61 agencies in 70 counties.  To read more about the Minnesota Merit System, please visit our web page at:我们/主/dhs.

Create an Online Account in NEO GOV:

  1. 到这个链接:
  2. Click on "Create and account" in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Enter in your professional information.

应用:  (**NEW PROCESS - NO WRITTEN EXAM REQUIRED!  All based on 教育 and Training scoring.)

PART 1 - Submit your resume:

  1. 访问:
  2. 搜索 for 县 Agency Social Worker: posting #011-OC-TE 
  3. Click "Apply" in the upper right hand corner.


  • Save your user ID and password for future use.
  • Make sure your application and attached resume clearly 状态s all relevant skills and experience, along with the beginning and ending months and years of each position you have held.
  • For assistance, contact the Minnesota Merit System at 651-431-3030 or 国土安全部.优点.system@状态