Swift 县 扩展 Committee and Commissioners


The University of Minnesota 扩展 Committee is authorized by Minnesota Statute, Chapter 38.36, to discern the particular needs of the county and to implement a program fulfilling the goals of people of the county and the University of Minnesota 扩展 Service. 县 扩展 work includes educational programs and services provided by 扩展 educators in the areas of agriculture, economic and human development, community leadership, and environmental and natural resources.



Meetings are held throughout the year. The 2023 dates are: March 29, June 28, November 8 @ 5:30pm, locations to be determined. Contact the 扩展 Office for details at 320-843-3796 or visit them 在线.

Committee Member
利亚奥尔森 n/a
Gavin Ascheman n/a
朱迪Hoberg 2
Cindy Evenson 4
特蕾莎 & Neal Klassen 3
开放的座位 1
蒂姆 & 艾琳·纳格尔 4
Lane Carlson 5