Maps and GIS

What is GIS?
GIS = Geographic Information Systems (i.e. maps on the computer). This is how maps are created and updated digitally.

With this technology the county keeps track of and works with spatial data efficiently. Having the maps in this format allows us to utilize the information in a large variety of ways. Such as Land Management Purposes, Interactive Online Maps, Hard Copy or Printable Maps, Emergency Response Purposes, and much more.

All of the Swift County GIS data and maps are always in maintenance mode. This means that updates and changes will be made as needed to them. They are for reference purposes only and cannot be considered legally binding in any way.

Interactive Maps

Document Maps

Services and Responsibilities include:

  • PLSS & Parcel Mapping
    • The GIS parcel data is based on our tax property descriptions.
    • Updating the data according to land transactions is an ongoing process. Maintenance includes…
  • Research and review against the legal documents.
  • Re-alignment based on new legal documents.
  •  Public Facing Interactive Web Map
    • This map is tailored toward public use on private computers and mobile devices. See link at top of page. It uses Swift County's GIS data, which gives a more accurate option for the public when navigating and researching within Swift County.
  • Online Document Maps
    • These are specialized map documents created to display certain Swift County Information, such as school districts and voter districts.
    • Additional maps are created on an as needed basis.   
  • Individual Parcel Maps
    •  Hard copy or printable maps for individual parcels will be put together upon request. Other map options are also available upon request. (See county fee schedule).
  • 9-1-1 Mapping
    •  Assigning rural addresses.
    •  Mapping out all county addresses.
    • Dispatch maps.
    • There is a national upgrade of the emergency mapping standards happening called Next Generation 9-1-1. We have been working with the state of MN to get ours upgraded to meet these standards.
  • Aerial Imagery
    • Our aerial images were flown in 2015 and 2018 by Pictometry/Eagle View.
    • They are utilized in all of our mapping projects. Including the county's internal and public facing interactive maps.
  •  County Ditches
    •  We use LiDAR imagery and the individual ditch maps to create a current county wide ditch map. Which is also used to help the DNR in their public water mapping efforts.